Holly Polinkus

Licensed Acupuncturist

The best care
Location: Central Point

Holly has been supporting individuals with physical health and mental health for over 15 years which has nurtured in her a compassionate and intuitive approach to patient care. Holly had an interest in medicine from an early age and she began a nursing program. She switched her course of study after personally experiencing the benefits of acupuncture. 

Before attending Oregon College of Oriental Medicine, she visited China where she lived and traveled for several months. During her time there, she developed a deeper admiration for Chinese medicine as a witness to how integrated acupuncture and herbal medicine were in China’s modern hospitals and clinics.  Holly has clinical experience working with a variety of conditions including chronic pain, digestive issues, women’s health, anxiety, depression, lipedema, and weight management. Holly believes in an integrated medical approach and is a passionate proponent of a ‘health at every size’ approach to diet, nutrition, and exercise. When not treating patients you can find her gardening or hiking with her dog, Lemon.